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Future Projects


Future project ideas.

An idea we have been thinking about for a long time is to get an old Mini Cooper and make a custom space frame with modern suspension design. Then make it wild with big flared wheel well, 17-18" wheels and tire and make it look nasty. Keep the weight to about 1900lbs and have some fun. I have now purchased the Mini. It is a 1964 Austin Mini right hand drive. It is not is great shape, but the body is straight. I also purchased a salvaged 1996 Toyota Camry V6 model. I am going to use the engine from this for the Mini project. I also found a 1991 Toyota MR2 NA with a blown motor so the V6 works out perfect. I have the car 95% finished now, driving and registered. I need a new AC core as the AC was working and the 25 year old core gave way. I also need to wet sand and buff the body again as I did it really fast to get it done and driving. She is so tiny and fun to drive around.  People think it is the dumbest car ever, as my wife says, or they think it is crazy cool.  A v6 mid engine mini body transplant on an MR2 chassis.

Here is the blog to see the progress http://mr2mini.blogspot.com/



-Larger side air inlet scoops without bolts. I want more air to get in the engine compartment and plan to do a SC with intercooler in the future. Plus I really like the idea of larger side inlet that looks good. They look amazing on the car. I am working with someone now to get them produced as it just takes way too much time to do them myself. I have one or two prototype sets for sale and if interested email us at Troy@Trueleo.com

- TRP4 - Someday we will build our own car from scratch.