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Welcome to Trueleo Racing LLC

Here at Trueleo Racing LLC we have a vision and mission.

   We will make vehicles and products that are amazing in performance, stunning to look at and that evokes pure passion. The vehicles and products will need to first be functional with performance in all aspects (acceleration, cornering, braking, reliability) and be simply amazing to be seen.

  When I started the TRP3 project I considered myself the first customer and I know I am the hardest customer to have so if I am happy then other will be. I am building a vehicle that I want to buy and drive and continue to enjoy at the highest levels of enjoyment and excitement every time I drive it or even think about it. I have the desire to have a very unique vehicle that excites and exhilarates me every time I drive it, look at it, talk about it or just simple think about it. I want an affordable super vehicle that is outstanding on all aspects of performance and has a look and feel of pure passion. Come join me in the adventure.

Operating Principles-

1- Excitement- The design of our vehicles needs to create excitement and passion. We are here to design and create unique vehicles that will make our customers want and need to drive them. 

2- Low Cost- Our commitment to outstanding vehicles at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing quality or performance in any way. 

3- Customer Service- We demand to exceed every single customers expectation in every way possible! On every part of our customers experience we will always look ahead to exceed their expectations of what great customer service is. We will be the bench mark for others to be judged.

4- Balance Sheet- We will operate without any debt. With this we will have a well though out balanced business plan with stability and lowest cost to our customers.

5- Long Term Outcome - Controlled growth with  reasonable profit. We want to continue to grow at a modest rate with a reasonable profit. We will invest back into the business for long term returns on profit and stability. We want to stay small and control our overhead to keep us ahead of the market with our completive prices.