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Fiero Exhaust Manifold and Y pipe


We are currently not offering these items for sale at this time.


Custom Fiero exhaust manifold. This will replace the stock exhaust manifolds (both) and will also replace the stock Y pipe. The exhaust will include all gaskets, bolts, washers and nuts needed to install it. You will have to purchase a stock exhaust to cylinder head gasket.  There are two options as one is a stock replacement with the same size piping diameter. The second option as a 2.5" pipe diameter from the Y connection for each header on the Y pipe down. This will include all the flanges, bolts, washers, gasket and extra pipe to weld to clamp to. This way you can make yourself a very free flowing exhaust with no bottleneck restrictions. We can also bore out the exhaust manifold flanges some to match ported and expanded cylinder heads. Before ordering email me about details for this. We can also add and extra O2 bung and plug if wanted for a wideband. When installing this install the wideband upstream of the regular sensor as having two in line can cause the second to not be as accurate.


We are requesting installation write ups and step by step instructions from customers who are doing this. This could just a tip selection. If you buy a set and install please email us with thoughts so we can post them. The installation goes straight forward as these are a stock replacement with just a few modifications need. I will post info and pictures on that soon. The coil will need to moved up about an inch to keep it away from the exhaust better and we will include stand offs for this. Please email me with your suggestions so I can post them.